How To Create Professional Twitter Background Free

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How To Create Professional Twitter Background Free

Friday, February 10, 2012 | 1 Comment | Labels : ,

Today i will show you how to create a professional twitter background for free.What did i mean by a professional Twitter background click at demo below this is my twitter profile don't forget to follow Me and you will got your answer what did i mean by a professional twitter account .

what a professional twitter background consists.

1. Branding: A professional twitter background must consist of your company logo.

2.Contact info: A professional twitter background consist of your contact information like your mobile number and email address.

3.Other Information:Other information that twitter background consist will your blog and your website and your other social networking sites contac information.

So let see how to create.......

1.)Go to and register yourself there.

2.)Now go to Create twtiter background for free

3.)Create your account on twitbacks enter your twitter username and email address and your password after that click on continue (See image below).

4.)Now fill the information like.

1.)Your name.

2.)Your website and blog.

3.)Your logo.

4.)Your personal photo.

5.)Your other social networking accounts like Facebook.(See image below).

5.)After that click on Continue you will redirect to a new page.

7.)Now on new page you have a link to download your Background click on that link to download it (See image below).

8.)That it now your background is ready to upload but your background consist of twitbacks logo that not looks so professional and if you want to remove it they charge 4.99 $ for that but i show you a trick from which you can easily remove that twitbacks logo

Removing twitbacks logo

To remove it you have to open your downloaded background in the adobe Photoshop cs4.(See image below).

After open it click onEye dropper tool (which is on right side panel not in drope down menu) then click on color sample tool (Remember:There are four tools from which you have to have select 2nd number tool called color sampler toolonly ) (See image below).

Now click the sampler tool on the color on that the logo is .In my case the color is grey (See image below).And note that color(R,G,B) value .

Now select the brush tool and enter the R,G,B value value to the right hand side panel (R->R G->G B->B)(See image below)

After entering the value just start painting like a artist on that logo to remove it (See image below).

That's it hope you will like it and plzz share it .It take only 5 seconds to share .

Note :If you Don't have adobe Photoshop then i can remove that logo for u .Leave the downloaded link of your background in comments

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