How To know Your Own Mobile Number.

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How To know Your Own Mobile Number.

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Some time you need to know your own number if you purchase a new number and you forget it.Mostly all people will do a call from his number to other number to know there SIM number.But there may be chances that you don't have a penny in your new SIM then what to do to know your cell number even you can't send message to some other mobile.The last thing you will to recharge your mobile and call some one to know your mobile number right.But today i will show how to get your own SIM number of different service provider by dialing some code .So without wasting more time let see these codes.

Aircel :

Dial *1#


Just send an empty message to 59103


Dial *1#




Dial *789#


Dial *1#


Dial *1#


Dial *1#


Dial *1#


Dial *777*0#

That's it finally you will got your forget number of your cell if you like it don't forget to like it and subscribe us.If any problem do comment.

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