Increasing Mozilla Firefox Speed and Performance

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Increasing Mozilla Firefox Speed and Performance

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Last time i show you how to tweak Google chrome for very high speed today i will show you how to tweak the Mozilla Firefox for very high speed.

How To Speed Up Mozilla Firefox

We already know that new version of Mozilla Firefox is very high speed browser that doesn't need any more tweaks but still there are some tweaks that speed up your Mozilla Firefox 5.0 .So with the help of this tweak you can browse at blazing speed.So let tweaking Firefox 5.0.

1.) AdBlock Plus

When you open any Website the ads associated with that sites also loaded .The ads on the site eats your bandwidth. So to completely remove ads downloaded AdBlock Plus .It is the one of the most downloaded add-on on Firefox its blocked all the ads .You can also manage a white list of allowed websites via a configuration panel.You can download this extension from below link.

Click image to view large

After Adding AdBlock Plus you can configure it (see image below).

Download AdBlock


Click image to view large

Flashblock is an extension for the Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape browsers that takes a pessimistic approach to dealing with Macromedia Flash content on a webpage and blocks ALL Flash content from loading.Download Flashblock from below link.

Download Flashblock

3.)Clean Up Browser

When you browse website the data of website are also store on local storage on your local disk .So after a some time cache size increase and browser start hanging and your browsing speed decreases . So it is necessary to Clean up browser history and can also clean your history and cache data using awsum tool called Ccleaner .Downloaded the Ccleaner from here .

4.)Use Basic Theme

Many people customize the Mozilla Firefox like applying theme .So due to customization of Firefox browser can also slow down your browser loading time .If you have applied any theme to your browser then i will recommend you to use basic theme for chrome for high performance.

5.) Update Mozilla Firefox

New version of Firefox 5.0 have more features in it so it will highly recommend to you always remain updated .Mozilla Firefox checked updates automatically if there any updates available Firefox notify you but if you want to this manually you can do this by clicking on Help and then click on About Firefox .A window is pop up that is check for updates automatically(see images below).

Click image to view large

6.) Disable unwanted function's

In Mozilla Firefox there are lots of unwanted function like JavaScript , pop-up window and images .You can manage all this function according to you.To do so click on Tools on top of your Firefox browser .Then click on option(See image below)

After that click on Content Tab than check or unchecked the options according to you.

Click image to view large

A.)If you have slow internet then you can unchecked the Load images automatically to browse faster.

B.)You can also unchecked to Enable JavaScript runs on your browser to browse fast.

C.)Checked Blocked Pop-Up Windows it prevent you from pop up ads

7.)Firefox Ultimate Optimizer

Firefox Ultimate Optimizer reduces the memory usage of Firefox .I have no idea how it do but when i start it .It suddenly reduces my memory usage (See image below).

Download Firefox optimizer

8.)Increase Scrolling Speed

With this extension, you can customize smooth scrolling behavior.

The extension is worth to use, if you are frustrated at any of below.

- Step size for scrolling by the cursor keys is so short.

- A built-in smooth scrolling is somewhat less sensitive and laggy.

- When you flick a wheel so quick, scrolling should move farther but just count

ticks of a wheel.

Click image to view large

Click image to view large

Download Yet another scrolling

9.)Tweak Network 1.5

Firefox has a couple of hidden network settings. With Tweak Network, you can tweak these settings, and you might be able to speed up the loading of web pages. You can also increase the maximum number of simultaneous downloads from a site (the default is only four).In Add on window click on tweak network option and click on power and then click apply.

10.)Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon 0.2.7

Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon extends the blocking functionality of Adblock Plus to those annoying pop-up windows that are being opened on mouse clicks or other user actions.

Click image to view large

Download Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon

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