Tweaking Internet Explorer 9 For Very High Speed

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Tweaking Internet Explorer 9 For Very High Speed

Sunday, February 12, 2012 | 2 Comments | Labels : ,

Last time i tell u how to tweak Google Chrome for very high speed.Today i will tell u how to tweak your internet explorer 9 browser for very high speed.We all know that Microsoft launch Internet Explorer 9 to compete with three main browser like Mozilla Firefox , Google chrome and opera.That's because the new version of Internet Explorer came to pack not only a new interface , modern, but with plenty of new features and improvements .

But as you already know (from experience, the safest: D), most users prefer to customize the default browser used, regardless of its quality. To this end users Internet Explorer 9 can call with confidence TweakIE9.A third party tool use to tweak your IE easily called TweakIE9.TweakIE9 is a portable application that allow user to rapid changes in the user interface of internet explorer.

What settings are accessible TweakIE9?

User Interface:

Enable Menubar on Top
Menubar always visible
Enable Links Band
Enable Tab Groups
Small icons on toolbar
Enable 3D-Border
Show Statusbar
Enable CommandBar
Use ClearType
Max rows on new tab


Start IE9 in Fullscreen
Make a custom homepage


Configure the maximum number of downloads
Perform check on exe file signature
Notify me when a download has completed
Change the downloads directory

Search Provider

Manage search providers
Default search provider


ActiveX Filtering
ActiveX Filter Exceptions
Manage Pop-up Settings
Tracking Protection List Exceptions


Configure the connection limits

Make Special IE9 Shortcuts
IE9 Feature Meta tag generator
Make custom search provider
Delete browsing history
Restore IE9

Download TweakIE9

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