Window 8 Tiles With Side Menu For Window 7

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Window 8 Tiles With Side Menu For Window 7

Friday, February 10, 2012 | No Comments | Labels : ,

Window 8 have lots of new features one of the its striking feature is side menu.You will get side menu on both side right hand side as well as on left hand side.

You can quickly access search,share,start,connect and setting panel from the right hand side panel.check ou image below and you will understand what i am talking about.

In Left side menu you can access the all the open menu in your windows see image below you got what i am saying.

Beside Left hand right hand side menu the features of this application includes are..

Features :

Support for HTML widgets.
Launch your favorite apps and webs in one click.
Customize as you want.
Switch to your opened apps, in just few clicks.
Get Windows 8 Metro UI to your desk.
Play your videos and music, view your pictures without opening them.
Get your tweets, mails and weather reports in front of your eye, just sitting.
Provides easy-to-use API for Widget developers.
Get updates from us without navigating our site.

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