Intoduction To C Language

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Intoduction To C Language

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1.) The C language was developed by AT&T bell lab in early 1970s by Dennis Ritchie.
2.) It was based on early language of AT&T bell lab language called 'B' which is also based on BPCL.


1.) C is general purpose language for an example
(COBOL is used for making business application and FORTRAN is used for scientific applications but we can use C Language for both).
2.) C is not very high level languages.You can use C to direct memory access,create bitwise operation and so on.
3.) C is not so high level language so the execution speed of C language is fast.

Use Of C

1.) C is use for wriiting software to control hardware.
2.)Unix and its derivatives are written in C language.
3.) Languages like perl and php are written in C languages.

Structure Of C

C mainly included two type of files
1.)Header File : This file have extension " .h " it includes methods,constants,macros e.t.c/
2.) Source file: This file have extension " .c " it includes your source code .

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